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Keiki Self Defense

We offer a multi- disciplined reality based self defense program. Besides learning and achieving great self defense, coordination, flexibility, speed, and endurance, and strength, our signature program helps kids to focus and concentrate. The kids learn respect, honor, integrity, helping team mates, and being reminded to help their families, behave in school, and to always try to do the right things.


The rise in child hood obesity in America has soared. Kids need to get off of their cell phones, computers, I-pads, and video games. They need to get off the couch and learn fun combative sports and fun reality based self defense that they can use to be safe, in a fun and safe environment.


Kids become disciplined.The discipline they learn helps them to achieve goals they want to achieve and great things they never imagined they could achieve.


Bullies try to intimate and frighten your child. If your child can successfully stand up to the bully he/she most of the time can get the bully to back down. Sometimes the bully is tuff even though their bullying antics is rooted in their own insecurity and cowardice. Your child needs to know how to physically (via our self defense) stop the threat, and control the bully.


Your child’s confidence will rise to the top. The child will be able to know in their heart and mind that the bully is no real threat. Your child will be ready to stop the bully and resume his/her education, and school activities and life without worry.


Your child will start to feel great about their new found skills, and coping tools. To them they feel they have new found Super powers :-). But the reality is they are learning to handle bad situations with difficult people.


Give your child the gift of confidence and be able to survive and thrive.t to Expect

What we supply:

  • We offer a gi for your child to borrow as they complete the trial.

First, we separate the kids by age.

  • 3-6yrs - Jr. Keiki Self Defense

    • We have 3 separate classes

      • Monday & Wednesday @ 5:00pm

      • Tuesday & Thursday @ 6:00pm

      • Saturday & Sunday @ 9:00am

  • 7-12yrs - Keiki Self Defense

    • We have 2 separate classes

      • Monday & Wednesday @ 6:00pm

      • Saturday & Sunday @ 10:00am

  • 13-15yrs - Teen Self Defense

    • We have 1 class

      • Tuesday & Thursday @ 6:00pm

Second, each Student leans the most essential classes first. This is usually covered as part of the 30 Day Trial, it’s a great way to see the goals of what they are trying to learn and not be overwhelmed. In the Keiki Self Defense they will cover the 36 Most essential techniques that will help them if they do get into a bully altercation.

Third, progressing to the next level.

  • Jr.Keiki Self Defense

    • Your child will age out and move into one of the Keiki Bullyproof classes

  • Keiki Self Defense

    • Your child will age out and move into Teen Bullyproof classes

    • If they show a strong interest in doing tournaments they may join the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu class

  • Teen Self Defense

    • Your child will age out and move into the Adult Combat Jiu-Jitsu

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