K-Team Combatives


K-Team Combatives 

How to Get Started

Programs: 30-Day Free Trial

Allows you child to attend all the wrestling classes for the 30 Days and see if they enjoy it. Most martial arts are a a love it, or leave it for kids. We just want to give you ample time for your child to decide before you become part of the team.

Sign Me Up

Part 1 - Come to the Gym on a Saturday or Sunday at 11:00 am
Part 2 - Sign up for the 30-Day Free Trail
Part 3 - Sign up for the K-Team Combatives Membership
Part 4 - Upgrade to K-Team Unlimited Membership (Complete access to all programs)

The Process for new Adults

  1. Intro Class (On appointment only)
  2. K-Team Combatives Class (Saturday 11:00 am & Sunday 11:00 am)

K-TeamCombative (adults)


  • Saturday & Sunday - (16yr+) at 11:00 am - 12:00pm

Head Coach: Kimo Kreis
Duration : 3-12 Months
Curriculum: Fundamentals Techniques for Street Fighting Survival
Required: Clean Gi Optional
Recommended: Mouth piece, Rash Guard - Long Sleeve & Rash Guard - Pants

The K-Team Combatives Program, has created a curriculum that demonstrates the core techniques and principles that every K-Team Combatives practitioner should know. Focusing on only the Self-Defense of Jiu Jitsu. this program is great for ensuring that each new student gets a high quality introduction into Jiu Jitsu. The goal of this program is to prepare the anyone for what might happen in a real altercation.